Theoretical Grammar of English: Modern Approach


Лидия Волкова
   - Theoretical Grammar of English: Modern Approach

The book you are about to read is for all English majors, both full-time and correspondence students. Students are extremely busy people and most of them, especially graduate students, have to combine studies with work. The idea of writing this book emerged from teaching the course in Theoretical Grammar of the English Language to students of Kyiv National Linguistic University. Unfortunately, Theoretical Grammar as a discipline is considered to be one of the most difficult subjects university students have to cope with. No wonder, students face the forthcoming Theoretical Grammar exam with trepidation. I hope this book will equip both full-time students and correspondence students with sufficient knowledge that will help them to overcome their fears and to become enthusiastic linguists.
This book is intended as a basic introduction to Theoretical Grammar of modern English. The principal aim of the author is to introduce E.S.L. students to some basic linguistic notions and essential concepts of Theoretical Grammar. This book is an attempt to make the theory accessible so that the basic issues of Theoretical Grammar may be easier to understand. The language used in the book is in most cases deliberately simple. Its theoretical points are illustrated with authentic examples taken from fiction and real-life conversations. Each chapter is followed by test-questions and exercises.

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